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Question 1
What are the benefits of the Memorial alert product?
Answer: Simply by installing the technology, the Cemetery Authority will have provided the living descendants the opportunity to secure and protect the memorial of their loved one. The Cemetery Authority will have expressed and demonstrated a clear and sincere intention to minimize the incidence of theft and vandalism in their cemetery and will have provided a credible means to do so.

In addition, the Cemetery Authority will generate additional revenue by the sale of the Memorial alert units.

Question 2
How is the product installed?
Answer: This is a relatively simple process which has no effect on the cemetery infrastructure whatsoever. A simple electrical connection at the cemetery office is all that is required. The size and layout of the cemetery determines the installation sequence.

Question 3
What is the cost of the product?
Answer: The product is amazingly affordable. The size and layout of the cemetery determines installation requirements and the cost is therefore influenced by this. For more information or should you require a free and detailed quotation contact us.

Question 4
What are the service and long term maintenance requirements?
Answer: The technology is of such a nature that very little in terms of maintenance, other than battery replacement is required. The cost of this battery replacement is minimal and is ultimately the responsibility of the client, not the Cemetery Authority.

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